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✔️ With paid social media advertising an education client fully filled their program with applicants.

✔️ With the Google Ad Grants our clients non-profit gets 3,000 monthly visitors to their website.

✔️ With GTM, GA4 and Google Data Studio our client was able to see their analytics in one marketing dashboard.

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Digital Analytics

Google Analytics 4
Google Tag Manager
Google Data Studio>

Setup Your Tracking Properly For Real Insight

Analytics are useless is they aren't actionable. We will help you migrate from Universal analytics to GA4 the right way. We use Google Tag Manager to capture advanced event data and Google Data Sudio to present you insights.
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Paid Digital Advertising

Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Ads
Tiktok Ads

Boost Your Digital Presence With Advertising

Do you have an amazing offer you need the world to see? There is no faster way to promote you service than with paid digital advertising. Consider retargeting to reach your already warm prospects with the right message.
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Free Advertising Grants For Non-Profits

Google Ad Grant
Microsoft Ad Grant

You're Eligible For $136,000 USD In Free Advertising

If you are a registered non-profit you should be using your free advertising grant.
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Limited Time Offer

Google Analytics will shut down July 1st 2023!
We are offering a full package setup service for Googles new analytics tool GA4.

What Happens If I Ignore This?

- Your custom tracking will be deleted
- A GA4 property will be configured automatically by Google
- Data will be lost
- Your Google Ads setup will likely be affected
- Custom marketing reports will no longer work
- Things like leads and revenue will no longer show up in your Google Analytics report

What Is Included In The Package?

Packages are customized to the needs of each organisation we work with. However most packages will include the following:

✔️ - Advanced Google Tag Manager event tracking
✔️ - See important metrics like; Leads, Revenues, Clicks, Donations, Opt-Ins in your dashboard
✔️ - Google Analytics 4 Configuration
✔️ - More accurate attribution and data tracking
✔️ - Custom reports tailored to your organisations unique goals
✔️ - Google Data Studio report setup

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