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Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

How to build an effective strategy for your Nonprofit or mission driven organization.

Non-Profit Mission and Digital Strategy

Before you start researching new digital marketing tactics you need to think about the overall strategy of your organization and how digital marketing and digital communications can aid you in achieving your overall goals.

Start With Your Nonprofits Mission Statement

It's important to have a clear understanding of your nonprofits overall mission. If you are currently in the process of building a digital strategy, this may be a good opportunity to re-visit your organizations mission statement. Here is a great resource for writing a mission statement:

Identify Target Audiences And Stakeholders

Non-profits often have many stakeholders. It is critical that you think about how you will communicate to each audiences and stakeholder group. Every tactic in digital marketing is downstream from the fundamental decisions about strategy and goals. Furthermore each audience will likely require different messaging.

Ask Yourself:

- Who are the stakeholders of my non-profit?
- Which stakeholders do I want to direct digital communications to?
- What precisely do I want to say to each stakeholder. What do they need to hear?

Tactics: Marketing Channels

There are a variety of digital channels you can use to reach your non-profits digital objectives. Below we will list popular channels for digital communications.

The Google Ad Grant

The Google Ad Grant offers eligible non-profits $10,000 USD per month for free Google Search Ads. When you advertise with the Google Ad Grant you will be able to promote your website people who are searching for information, services or causes related to your non-profit.

The grant can be used for a variety of objectives including:

- Building Awareness
- Capturing Emails
- Promoting A Service
- Asking For Donations
- Promoting An Event

Paid Advertising

Paid ads are extremely powerful. With Paid Google Ads alone you can reach over 90% of all Internet users. Paid advertising also works very quickly. Within a few days you can launch a campaign that reaches millions of people. The big catch is that they cost money. Sometimes a lot of money, advertising is inherently competitive because ad networks function like auctions. So if your non-profit want's to make paid advertising work you need to take it seriously.

How To Make Paid Ads Work For My Non-Profit?

1. You need a really good offer.
2. You need a landing page that explains why people should convert.
3. Use data to target people interested in your offer.
4. Target warm audiences.
5. Always be testing, test everything.
6. Paid ads are not magic, if possible validate your offer, audience and landing pages with free traffic.