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What Results Can You Expect From The Google Ad Grant?

Google Ad Grant Data

I’ve had the opportunity to audit over 270 Google Ad Grant Accounts. So I’m drawing from a fairly large sample size. 

How Many Clicks Will I Get From Google Grants?

Non-profits average 1,200 clicks per month. This number is skewed in favor of non-profits with international reach, a large target audience and a healthy reserve of interesting content (articles, videos, publications). Traffic ranges from 0 clicks per month for poorly structured accounts to 50,0000 clicks per month for very large non-profits, with thousands of articles, in a high demand, low competition niche.

How Many Donations Will I Get From Google Grants?

Donation data is less clear than traffic. Donation information is only visible if conversion tracking is properly configured, 95% of the time it is not. So my opinions on donation expectations are more based in anecdote than data. Large organizations tend to see better top of funnel donation success than small non-profits. When someone finds your non-profit for the first time they are unlikely to donate. They don’t know like and trust you yet. So if you launch an ad grant campaign that provides resources on a topic like wild life conservation it’s unlikely that someone will donate right away, the user has no idea if you are a legitimate organization and they probably have better relationships with another charity. When larger non-profits with large brands use Google Ad Grants people already know, like and trust that brand. So the same campaign that generates $0 for the small non-profit can generate thousands for the larger non-profit. It’s not fair, but that has been my experience.

How Many Leads and Emails Will I Get From Google Grants?

This is the primary value of the Ad Grants. You should imagine every website user that finds you through the grant as a hippopotamus. They are stubborn and don’t like being told what to do. But if you are able to catch their attention with something they want (an ad) and then you can promise them sometime even better than what they initially came on your website for then you can lead the hippo (user) wherever you want them to go. 

How To Be More Successful With Google Ad Grants?

If that metaphor confused you here is a concrete example:

Imagine a non-profit that works in the conservation of old forests. They have the brilliant idea of using the Google Ad Grant to promote some articles they wrote about certain types of trees, and the value old forests have in improving air quality.

The ad starts getting traffic, great! They look at their donations and nothing… 

Think about the type of person that researches forests, they might be an elementary student, or a college student, an environmentalist or just someone that had a question about trees. 

When was the last time you Googled “What type of tree has brown bark” and then donated to the article you read? Probably never! 

But once people are on your page you need to catch their attention again. With what? What type of offer would your audience be willing to trade their email for? 

“Sign up to our newsletter and we will plant one tree” 
Pretty safe, It would work for each audience group, but it could be better. 

“This is the rare Carolina Midnight Tree! We want to save it so we are giving them away for FREE. Get yours now and plant it to save the planet.” 
This is a cool offer, it’s definitely not for everyone and it’s not in the voice of every non-profit but I think I’d be willing to trade an email, or “just pay shipping” myself. It also gives you a real reason why people would want to read the newsletter, for watering tips and they have buy-in to the cause It probably appeals more to younger groups, or people looking for a novelty to show off at parties. But understand that if you placed an offer like this at the bottom of every article you post about trees, you will have a 1,000x higher email conversion rate than if you just ask your user to “sign up to my boring newsletter”.


Apply For The Google Ad Grant

If you haven’t already you can learn how to apply for the Google Ad Grant:

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